Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (EBUS) are characterised by high biological activity and heterotrophy which, in combination with weak ventilation, leads to the formation of Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZ) in sub-surface waters. The latter are characterised by intense sub-oxic waters that extend from shallow depths over several hundred meters of the water column and which support major perturbation of marine biogeochemical cycles.


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Spring 2013

Law, C. et al., Evolving Research Directions in Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere (SOLAS) Science (2013) Environmental Chemistry, 10, 1-16.

Conceptual diagram illustrating the main issues, processes and species relating to the SOLAS EBUSs and OMZs research strategy (click here for copyright info)

November 2012

SOLAS closed workshop on 'Towards an integrative regional coupling in the EBUS', IGP, Lima, Peru
Workshop handbook (pdf 1.1MB)
Workshop report (pdf 0.25MB)
Photos gallery: participants pictures, collage

November 2012 One day series of talks for Peruvian students, IGP, Lima, Peru
Slides from the following speakers available here under their family names: Caniaux- Garreaud- Lachkar- Maes- Volkamer
Summer 2011 SOLAS Newsletter Issue 13 update

October 2011

EUR-OCEANS conference on 'Ocean deoxygenation and implications for the marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems', Toulouse, France
*Handbook including presentation abstracts
*SOLAS Newsletter Issue 14 report on the EUR-OCEANS conference
More info at: http://www.eur-oceans.eu/conf-oxygen

November 2010

SOLAS workshop on 'Air-sea gas fluxes at Eastern Boundary Upwelling and Oxygen Minimum Zones systems', IMARPE, Lima, Peru
*Handbook including presentation abstracts

November 2009

SOLAS Open Science Conference 2009, Barcelona, Spain
Discussion session abstract and report

2009 White Paper (pdf 154.8kB)

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