Ocean-derived aerosols play an important role in controlling the aerosol optical depth, cloud formation and properties, radiation balance, and chemistry of the marine atmosphere.

In Jan 2013, a SCOR working group on Sea-Surface Microlayers (WG141) started and is led by Michael Cunliffe (UK) and Oliver Wurl (Germany). This WG contributes to the SOLAS Mid-Term Strategy initiative on Ocean-derived aerosols: production, evolution and impacts. Get updated info about the current progress of this WG here.

The following SOLAS endorsed projects contribute to the Mid-Term Strategy:
WACS II- Western Atlantic Climate Study II (Cruise)
NETCARE- NETwork on Climate and Aerosols: Addressing Key Uncertainties in Remote Canadian Environments
ADEPT-Aerosol deposition and ocean plankton dynamics

SOAP-Surface ocean aerosol production


SOLAS documentation related to the topic:

Date Document

Spring 2013

Law, C. et al., Evolving Research Directions in Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere (SOLAS) Science (2013) Environmental Chemistry, 10, 1-16.

Conceptual diagram illustrating the main issues, processes and species relating to the SOLAS Marine Aerosols strategy (click here for copyright info)

Dec 2012

SOLAS/IGAC closed workshop on 'Marine polymer gels effects on clouds', Kiel, Germany
Workshop program
Workshop report
Group photo

May 2012

SOLAS Open Science Conference 2012, Washington State, USA
Discussion session abstract and report

Summer 2011

SOLAS Newsletter Issue 13 update

November 2009

SOLAS Open Science Conference 2009, Barcelona, Spain
Discussion session abstract and report


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