Introduction to SOLAS activities

SOLAS is an dynamic project, with a continually evolving array of initiatives, events, and activities.

SOLAS sponsors or co-sponsors both long-standing Activities and new Initiatives which conduct and promote research on specific scientific themes (see the SOLAS sponsored Activities and Initiative page).

In addition to large SOLAS events, such as the Open Science Conferences and the Summer Schools, SOLAS organises thematic workshops (see the SOLAS events page for future events and the Events archive for past events).

SOLAS also endorses projects which align closely with the SOLAS science plan (see the Project endorsement page).

Furthermore, SOLAS collaborates with other scientific organisations on both short topical projects (for example the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) working groups) and larger global and regional projects and events (see the SOLAS related projects and events page).

- last update July 2018 -