Current and Coming

Southern Ocean Fluxes (SOFLUX) Webinar on the Role of Sea Ice in Regulating Interannual Variability in Wintertime Sea-air CO₂ Flux along the West Antarctic Peninsula


Online. Website

EuroSea Symposium on Ocean Observing and Forecasting


Paris, France and live-streamed. Website

Workshop on Real Solutions or Expensive Distractions: Proving or Disproving Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal in the Next 5 Years


New York, USA. Website

European Global Ocean Observing System (EuroGOOS) International Conference

03-10-2023 – 05-10-2023

Galway, Ireland. Website

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Seminar on Innovating Solutions at the Ocean-Climate Nexus


Moss Landing, USA and online. Website

EurOCEAN Conference 2023

10-10-2023 – 11-10-2023

Vigo, Spain. Website

2023 Autumn School on Sustainability Science

16-10-2023 – 20-10-2023

Aussois, France. Website

Ocean-Climate Solutions Summit: Ocean-based Climate Mitigation Solutions Are Required to Achieve Net Zero

17-10-2023 – 19-10-2023

Boston, USA. Website

World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Open Science Conference 2023

23-10-2023 – 27-10-2023

Kigali, Rwanda. Website

North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) 2023 Annual Meeting

23-10-2023 – 27-10-2023

Seattle, USA. Website

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