SOLAS scientists

There are currently over 1100 scientists from all over the world in the SOLAS mailing list.
The SOLAS scientific community is composed of scientists from many disciplines, such as oceanography, ecology, biogeochemistry, physics, chemistry and atmospheric sciences, a fundamental characteristic of SOLAS science.

Scientific Steering Committee

The volunteer SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) is responsible for providing scientific guidance to, and overseeing the development, planning and implementation of the SOLAS project, including communication of ongoing SOLAS activities and encouraging the publication and dissemination of SOLAS science results. Furthermore the SOLAS SSC is encouraging national governments, and regional and international funding agencies to support the implementation of core research and the achievement of SOLAS goals through the provision of adequate support at national, regional and international levels. The SSC will also encourage collaboration between SOLAS research and relevant activities of the sponsors, including integration with other Future Earth, SCOR, iCACGP and WCRP projects. (List of current SSC members)

International Project Office

The International Project Office (IPO) serves as the secretariat for SOLAS and administers the project on a day-to-day basis. The IPO is responsible for the nodal office in Xiamen, Cina, and assisting the SSC in all aspects of its work, and collates and communicates information related to national and international SOLAS research. The IPO works with the sponsors to secure resources for SOLAS as an umbrella organisation. Publication of the SOLAS e-news and event reports is handled by the IPO. Also the organisation of workshops, meetings, the SOLAS Open Science Conferences, and Summer Schools are a large part of the IPO tasks. (Current IPO staff)

National Networks

SOLAS has structured scientific networks in many countries. These National Networks have a National Contact and scientists who conduct research under the SOLAS themes. (List of SOLAS National Networks)

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